Thursday, July 10, 2008

I post this With A Smile...

Sana totoo... O pare ko... Whee!

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

On Dreaming about an Eraserheads Reunion

I was riding the Divisoria-Recto jeep on my way back to the condo when the radio burst out in song to the tune of the Eraserhead's Magasin.

As I listened to Ely's powerful voice and spot on lyrics, Buddy's thumping bassline, Marcus' smooth riffs and Raimund's booming drumbeats, the image of this one night in the Boys Main Dorm in Philippine Science High School came into my mind. It was one of those normally mundane nights, when the lights were off and all four of us roommates were about to sleep, listening to the radio. Suddenly, this very song floated in the air and like a sound of the classroom bell signifying the end of a really boring class, we all were roused from our half-asleep states, singing the lines, "Iba na ang 'yong ngiti! Iba na ang 'yong tingin! Nagbago nang lahat sa'yo!", shouting the lyrics at the top of our lungs.

Those were the days... Nakaka-miss! Hay...

As I walked out of the jeep and towards the condo, I just realized that right at this very moment, all four members of the group are back in Manila making music: Ely fronting Pupul, Raimund fronting Sandwich (among others), Buddy playing bass for the Dawn, and Marcus fronting Markus Highway (Surfernando?). This very thought instilled in me a great longing for a reunion... the ultimate reunion. The Eraserheads as one group, singing Magasin in front of legions of screaming fans.

After all, they were the ones who jumpstarted the local band scene and whose music fueled the dreams of every would be musician singing in their garages back in the 90's. Looking at the music scene today, their music and spirit lives on, with a tribute album, 2 anthologies of greatest hits, a book of essays about the band and their music, and local radios still giving precious airtime to their most popular songs. I am sure I am not the only one who realized that the red carpet is already unfurling, and the stage is being made ready for this fearsome foursome. But then again, even if we start this movement to get the E-heads playing again, even if we stage a rally in front of each member's homes, the fate of the group and the possibility of a reunion is still up to each of the legendary musicians. I just hope they realize that the ball is in their hands now, and we are all patiently and eagerly waiting for their return to the court.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I have been setting aside blogging for quite sometime now. For the past 2 years, much of my time was devoted to medical school and writing has been pushed to the side by really addicting but effective stress relievers such as comics and the Nintendo DS (and writing can be such a stress inducer especially if you don't have any particular thing to write about). I feel like I am having this love affair with writing, this on and off relationship that has been going on since I first blogged back in 2003. A love affair that I keep coming back to, maybe because I love comics and the medium so much. But then, all the love in the world for the combined visual and written medium of comics can't make up for the fact that I can't draw, so drawing on somebody else's mind with words, phrases and sentences will be the only way for me to tell stories... my stories.

To tell these stories is not something like my favorite childhood toy that I can pick up and play after a long time of disuse. It should be continually practiced, put into good use, and nourished with new words by reading. Yesterday, I was talking to Tricia* about my ultimate dream of having my own comic store and publishing house, and I realized , or rather as she reminded me for the nth time, that I have told her about that dream so many times already, more than I could count with one hand. But then, I know the only way for me to realize that dream is to finish school and get started on saving up and of course, to start writing, practice writing and read. Read lots of stuff, go out of my comfort zone of speculative fiction, try out new genres... Read.

I am going to enter an internship in a publishing house to create content for some local websites and I would be writing a lot in the coming days. A LOT. As in, the interviewer even warned me that, "baka mabulunan pa kayo sa pagsusulat." Sana naman hindi. Working for a publishing house should be a step closer for me in realizing my ultimate dream. A step closer but still a long way to go; it probably take decades to get there. After this summer, things would be put in a backburner as I study and eventually practice medicine but that does not mean I can't read and write. After all, doctors should be avid readers and we can be gifted writers too.

Tricia is still my girlfriend by the way, for those who I haven't talked to for a long time. And there's a lot of you there... sorry. I will be writing more.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 28th Manila International Bookfair

The Manila International Bookfair is one of the annual events that I always try to go to buy more often I could not due to schedule conflicts. This year, by hook or by crook, I must go.

This is taken from the website:

This Year's Theme

All eyes are focused on reading... when all roads lead to the Philippines’ biggest and most prestigious book event... We take pride in presenting to you The 28th Manila International Book Fair -- the undisputed book exhibition in the country for almost three decades.

The Philippines’ bullish economy as attested by international economic and financial institutions recently is just one of the key measures for the sudden growth of foreign investors in the country. Even existing multinational and Filipino-owned firms confirm the exciting business prospects ahead. This encouraging business climate further entices more local and foreign individuals and companies to test the Philippine market especially through locally-staged international exhibitions, and one of the major exhibitions in the country today that is recognized internationally is The 28th Manila International Book Fair.

With more than three hundred local and foreign exhibitors featuring hundreds and thousands of book titles, the most number in any book exhibition in the country, the event promises once again to bring together both foreign and local players in book publishing and its allied industries who are expected to rake in millions in outright sales and orders from their target markets.

Last year’s staging had more than fifty thousand visitors. Indeed, the figures are viewed to increase every year as more exhibitors, more great deals and buys, and more exciting and educational special events are expected to fill the halls of the country’s premiere exhibition venue located at the heart of Metropolitan Manila-- the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

We call on our partners in the book industry to re-echo what books and other educational materials can do to us individually and collectively for the growth and development of the country. So let us INSPIRE ourselves and each other... ASPIRE to reach greater heights for ourselves and ultimately for the country... by READing... at The 28th Manila International Book Fair!

The bookfair would open from August 29 to September 2. Jesuit Communications would probably have an MPT there (hi Roma!) and comics people will surely have a booth to sell their merchandise. There would be lots of book launches for sure (calling Dean Alfar and Elbert Or!)

Click this link for the schedule of events:

Punta tayo! Reply lang ang mga sasama. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Morning Rants

Good morning world!

Another day, another week of endless lectures, lab manuals and another patient to interview. Goodness, after months of this, reaching half of the sem, you'd think I'd be used to the routine now.

But no. I'm still having difficulty interacting with patients with only around 8 weeks to go (and 8 patients to interview, I suppose.) I still haven't read most of my books and am not WAY behind most of classmates.


Oh well.

I better start shaping up and getting used to this taxing routine. Or else everybody would leave me behind, and I end up being an incompetent doctor. A wimp.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


It's official! There's going to be a Komikon this year despite the circulating rumors of the event not pushing through! The Komikon is an annual comics convention showcasing the Filipino talents in the reviving Philippine comics industry and this year would be its third with the theme: "Myriad Voices, One Medium, One Nation! " Check out the official press release here:

For the past two years KOMIKON cemented relationships among players in and out of the comic book industry. Be it peers, colleagues, readers, creators, publishers and retailers, KOMIKON is THE venue and the EVENT for sharing and renewing ties that bind.

This is where the depth and width of Filipino talent in creating various worlds and stories, from the golden age to the here and now are showcased. KOMIKON also served as the link for the local market to reach out to the global village. Bottom line, this once a year fest promotes the rich medium that is comic book, which can be seen through the myriad of local works drawing from influences not only locally but from our foreign counterparts as well.

Indeed KOMIKON is the celebration of the great art form endearingly called by Pinoys from all walks of life as Komiks. This was the medium that once served as our “national past time” particularly during its golden age from the 70s to the early 80s. It was an industry that gave birth to superstar illustrators and writers. Komiks opened a window for this unique breed of artists to break into the international scene. Their Komiks stories led to adaptations into other media such as film, television and radio making them part of an unforgettable part of our local tradition of excellence in art and literature. KOMIKON is the event that aims to gather its supporters and creators in one place to commemorate komiks as it deserve to be distinguished.

KOMIKON 2007 will be held at the UP Diliman’s Bahay ng Alumni on November 17, 2007, from 10am to 6pm. Again it will showcase the creations of Filipino artists from various genres and themes and give tribute to the creators and their creations. The 3rd Filipino Komiks Convention aims to bring together comic book artists/groups and publishers in a venue where they could present their talents, works and services to the public. Most importantly, it aims to give a break to aspiring comic artists. It would like to offer a venue for new art groups and different generations of artists for a free exchange of ideas. Hopefully it would lead to a transcending of stereotypes and broaden the scope of comics – from local to international to cross-cultural, sequential to strips, amateur to professional and traditional publication to independent comics publishing. This event will raise awareness of the exciting state of contemporary Philippine comics industry.

Contests like the Independent Comicbook, On the Spot Comic Strip Making and the Original Character Making Contest hopes to bring out the next generation of Comic Book creators to the fore front. Our special guests, comic book superstars from the past and present, both coming from the local and international fields will be available for consultations. They will share insights about the industry through their multifaceted experiences. Fun-filled activities will also be provided by our exhibitors through their respective booths and own activities.

Komikon is also the home of the Komikon Awards, a vote-based awards given to those who the readers, creators and other supporters of the medium deemed to be deserving. Taking the cue from the film industry that yearly take time to award meritorious films and give accolades to their worthy creators, the Komikon Committee will open the nominations for the 2nd Komikon Awards in this event for the following year. The Komikon Awards will give the opportunity for readers, creators, publishers and retailers to nominate and vote for the best in the industry, both local and international. The awards aim to encourage solidarity within the industry to produce quality local books and promote wider readership in the market.

This year’s event is organized by The Artists’ Den and Groundbreakers Inc.

Groundbreakers Inc. is owned and run by artists and writers alike. One of their main goals is to provide the best local talents with the opportunity to garner professional experience and success in the industry, not just locally but internationally as well. By doing so, they hope to make the Philippines one of the prime source of talent for the Manga industry in South East Asia and eventually the world. One of their aims is to bring forth these talents to both local and international markets and to showcase to the world the potential of Filipino artists and story tellers through high quality Manga publications.

The Artists’ Den, on the other hand, has a long-term commitment to help art groups grow, to promote goodwill among fellow Comic Creators and support different works and activities among appreciative audiences. The organization had been witness to the ups and downs of the comic industry as members themselves are mixed up in it. The group has actively participated in the past conventions and now would like to have a convention that focuses on comics alone.

For more information and latest event developments visit
and join the discussion on


Hay... the Komikon. I was there the last time and it was such an experience having to interact with komiks artists and writers, as well as hang out with friends in the small community of komiks lovers. I just hope that I would be free that weekend, I don't want to miss this for anything!