Monday, January 17, 2005

On Slumber Days and Health Consciousness

Today was one of those slumber days... just me, my blanket and my really stiff bed.

Not that everyday is not a slumber day for me. Being a bum comes with all the luxuries that most unemployed graduates get: the bed, the pillow, the blanket, the TV, the couch and the glorious food. You wake up with the lunch already served, you turn on the TV, you watch snakes eat mice on Discovery while you munch on whatever edible stuff is in the ref, and before you know it, balita na sa Channel 2.

This morning would have been one of those regular bum days except that it was really cold. For some reason, God has turned up the air-conditioning to Economy Cool and forgot to turn it off. I woke up with a runny nose, and come to think of it, my nose hurts from all that sneezing and trying to hold back the sneezing. I so wished my nose literally ran today. And if it did, I hope it comes back tomorrow, alive and kicking, ready and healthy for the rehearsals...

Which I am so desperately excited for. Anything that can make me get out of the house that does not involve me sweating and running...

Which I find really weird. I mean, I know I lost weight ever since after the licensure exams. And I know I have to do something to maintain and perhaps tone this flabby internet-surfer dude body of mine. But I feel really awkward when people see me exercising. Until now, I haven't figured out why I am so conscious about being health conscious...

Gah! Oh well, maybe I am just so damn lazy. Still, I would do something about this health consciousness problem of mine. I swear on the grave (that is a pile of leaves) of Bobong the Salagubang I adopted one fateful day.


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