Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PS2; MedSchool Blues; Chinese Gods

April 28, 2005

7:26 PM

These days, I find myself falling back again to what my routine was right after graduation: wake up late, play PS2, miss lunch, play PS2, eat late lunch, play PS2, take a bath, eat dinner, play PS2, internet, midnight snack, sleep…

Ang baboy.

As expected from last night’s PS2 marathon, I woke up late today at noon and found my sister eating sandwich in her room while watching the TV.

I wanted to leave early to go to the bank and get some moolah for my laptop accessories but the lure of my PS2 was so irresistible. So I spent the rest of the day in my sister’s room playing Shadow Hearts: From The New World.

I think I need therapy. I need to lessen my playing time.

At 5pm, I called Dr___ for the update on my appeal for admission into UPCM and found out that my fears were realized: my GWA was too low, my interview was average and the high NMAT score I got couldn’t compensate for the other requirements. Although Dr___ said that I belonged to the top 10 waitlisted males (this definitely made me smile), the sum of what he said was basically, my chances of getting into the final shortlist is too slim.

Eto pa ang masaklap, sabi ni Dr___ , “Nag-Chem Eng’g ka pa kasi!”

Hay… no time for regrets.

Flashback to last Sunday, Mrs. D, the founder of Brains Training and Review where I reviewed for the Chem Eng’g licensure exam and the NMAT (Mag-enroll kayo dito! Galing ng turo!), approached me after the 11am mass and asked for updates regarding my medical school applications. After hearing my concerns, she didn’t say much but the phrase that stuck to my head was: “Whatever the Lord gives…”

Later on our way home, me and my sister Banengers stopped by Chowking and bought 2 Half-Dozen Halo-Halo and 2 fortune cookies. I can’t remember what my actual fortune was but upon cracking open my cookie, the white paper strip read something like “Be satisfied with what you have and you will not want anything else.”

What a coincidence eh? It’s like the Chinese gods are watching me.

Magpa-Feng Shui kaya ako.


7:59 PM

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