Friday, March 25, 2005

Nood Kayo; Highschool; My Song

Please watch Jesuit Communications' Lenten Presentation in Kapamilya ABSCBN on Good Friday and Black Saturday at 4-5pm, entitled "Huling Habilin" and "Huling Salita."

Both presentations will feature great singing talents such as Bituin Escalante, Rey Malipot, May Bayot, Paola Deles, Laine Santana, Noel Cabangon, VP Pinpin, Cooky Chua and will be hosted by Bo Sanchez on Friday and Bro. Nono Alfonso and Bishop Tagle on Saturday.

Invite all your friends to watch! Have a blessed Holy Week!


My sistah Vanessa graduated from high school last March 19. Wala lang...
Naging photographer lang naman ako. And although it was such a long program (Grade 6 and 4th yr yung nag-march, magkahiwalay pa yung honors for Chinese and regular students), I enjoyed the whole thing because it reminded me of my high school days.

Lalo na yung final song nila, medyo baduy, Thanks To You ba naman (Thank you... for teaching how to love...), pero ang saya nilang panoorin. Kids who really are just in the moment, having only vague ideas on what's ahead of them. My sister is a perfect example, somebody obsessed with looking good and having good times with her barkada but if you ask her what she's taking in college... she just doesn't know. Hay... can't really blame her. I was like that before... well not really. Ngayon lang naman talaga ako nagka-doubts sa kung ano ang gusto kong gawin eh.

Nakaka-miss ang highschool. Congratulate me, I'm a proud kuya. :)


I have never in my life dreamt of writing a song. Sure, I wrote poems about the wind, leaves, girls, love, and what not but not a song. I love singing, that's given, and I ocassionally like writing, and it does seem like a natural progression to go to song writing but that's just not me. Nah-uh. Nope.

So I was greatly surprised when after listening to a Jars Of Clay CD, and thinking about something (someone) to write about, that I wrote down some lines with a tune in mind and now I have a song that I've been singing non-stop for the past few days.

And to think I laid down the music to the song two days after I wrote it. And it worked. As in the song worked. And I am getting good feedback. And I feel good. I feel GREAT.

And now I have another song in the works. This one though is not exactly flowing smoothly unlike the first one but I got the music done already. I just need the lines. :)

Wish me luck!

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