Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lovers' Mass and Old Friends; Jogging for Fitness; TRESE

To those who still visit, I feel like I owe you guys some stories so I'll try and write fast as I still have a lot to do tonight...


Today, Tricia and I attended a Valentine's Mass (or Lover's Mass as Fr. Jboy calls it) at the UP Parish. Fr Jboy had a really heart warming homily about loving forever and making promises and the UPCSC and C5 sang beautifully (albeit the really sucky sound system which really, if you're reading this Father, needs an overhaul).

Please do check Fr. Jboy's blog @ for today's homily, it's a really good read.

Later in the evening, I had dinner with Tricia's blockmates / Engineer friends, Sheila B., Rea and Crismar at Mangan, SM North. Meian was there earlier but she had to leave (she's still on house arrest... you better get a job soon Meian! Mag-attend ka na ng practices!) and 5 minutes before we left the mall, Olan caught up with us.

Mangan is a nice restaurant... good ambiance, attentive waiters, great tasting food... but really, the food is just ordinary Filipino cuisine with high price tags.

Hay... It's quite a nostalgic experience seeing old faces and reminiscing about good times past... The last time I was with Sheila B. was 2 years ago(?), still at SM North, and I bought worms for my fish, as well as my Perry's Chem Engg handbook. Speaking of Chem Engg books, I'm thinking of selling my books and donating my exams and whatnot to whoever needs them

And this means... Time for some house cleaning. Gah!


Yesterday, Tricia and I jogged around Ateneo... I still cannot imagine how she pushed me into jogging but I'm actually enjoying the activity, even if we're doing it only once a week (BUT we've been jogging for the past 3 Saturdays now!). I wish we could jog more frequently; I don't think I'd enjoy jogging on my own anyway but we'll see.


I've been reading this locally made indie comic from Alamat Comics founder Budjette Tan and artist extraordinaire Ka-Jo Baldissimo... and I just want to share it to all of you reading this.

It's called TRESE and if you like crime stories with a cool chick kicking Aswangs' asses and racing Tikbalangs, then check it out at:

I'll try and follow up with a review but then... matagal pa yun siguro. Hehe.


Please pray for me. I have a major interview at the medical school I want to get into this coming February 20 and it's a make or break situation...


Wow. It's been three months already since I last wrote something... Here's hoping for more stories to share. Ingat kayong lahat! Give carrots this Valentine's Season!

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