Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Backlog; Narda

There was this certain Jesuit priest who reminded me that I am in his Jesuit blog links and this made me feel obliged to blog about something and in checking my previous posts, I found out I had previously unpublished (and unfinished) stories which were about a month overdue

This was written last February 17, at around 3:18 PM. Hay... kapag tamad ka talagang mag-blog...

And I find myself in Alva Computers here at Padre Faura, Manila...

This is a bizarre day. I woke up to the sound of "You'll Be Safe Here" and heard a sweet voice , and the voice was able to shake me out of the fringes of dreamland (you're such a persuasive girl Tricia), prod me to walk down the flight of stairs and shout out to Ate Henny to heat some water for my bath (No, I don't have a bathtub but the convenience of having someone else to heat the water for you is such a joy to have) . It was 7am and I had a 9am funeral mass singing engagement at UST; Tricia just wanted to make sure I won't be late. But then, usually when I wake up and I am not ready to walk the real world, I lie down on the couch while waiting for the sound of the whistling kettle... unfortunately this time I didn't hear any sound and instead, I was jolted out of slumber by the sight of my cellphone clock displaying "8:00 AM".

(Nice. LATE NA NAMAN. Utang na loob, kelan ba ako magiging maaga? Kapag puti na ang uwak? Kapag puno na ang salop? Kapag presidente na si Kristeta?)

I arrved 15 minutes late at the UST chapel where the funeral mass of Dr. Bienvenido Rivera, the father of Fr. Jboy's best friend, Fr. Robert, was being held. He was a professor at the UST Department of Medicine and Surgery, and from what I've seen and heard about him, he seems like a good, modest and intelligent teacher and doctor and was very much loved by his family, colleagues and students.

It's just sad that I missed the homily when I got to the Chapel. It would have been really nice to hear about how this doctor lived his dreams, raised his family and changed people's lives...


After the mass, my fellow choir members, Persia, Precious and Edz were walking along Espana towards Morayta and somewhere outside a computer cafe, there was this pool of red liquid that the sisters, Persia and Precious, almost stepped on. We were a bit puzzled at first but seconds later, it dawned on us that what we just passed was a crime scene and upon close scrutiny, around the pool of coagulated blood, there was blood splatter, footprints, white chalk, candles and a makeshift police line made up of straw. Edz was rattled; Precious and I started theorizing about what happened and Persia was so curious, she asked a fishball vendor about the story. Apparently, around 10pm the night before, a gay "parlorista" got shot point blank and the suspect fled after. The suspect is still at large by the time we passed the area.

Grabe... dugo.

This bloody friday was also the day I first donated blood. While killing time in UP Manila, I chanced upon a blood letting drive for the kids at the Phil. Children's Hospital and I figured this would be the chance to finally do what I had wanted to do a long time ago and besides, I wanted to find out what my bloodtype is. :)

So it turned out I was Type A+.

Later I found out that my hunnie is also A+.

Our blood is compatible! Oh joy!


Awit na nananawagan
Baka sakaling mapakikinggan
Pag-ibig na palaisipan
Sa kanta na lang idadaan
Nag-aabang sa langit
Sa mga ulap sumisilip
Sa likod ng mga tala
Kahit sulyap lang Darna

LSS: Narda by Kamikazee

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