Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rainy Days; Research Proposals

It's been raining hard for the past two days.

Classes have been suspended and my exams have been moved to later this week.

Prolong the agony. Why?!?

I just want these exams to be over.

My girlfriend has been checking research proposals of 3rd year science high school students and she texted me some curious-sounding ones:

"Pranic healing on lymphocytes with the use of micronucleus assay"

Upon looking it up on the net, it seems that the researcher wants to detect DNA/chromosomal changes in lymphocytes via micronucleus assay when a patient is administered with "pranic healing" (or healing using bioelectromagnetic fields more popularly known as "auras"). A really ambitious, scientific sounding proposal designed to impress the teacher...but then, I don't believe "pranic healing" will specifically cause DNA changes in lymphocytes when the actual mechanism of how the healing works is still unsettled among its proponents, and micronucleus assays involves actually working with micronuclei of cells; I don't think the technology is available in the Philippines and if it is, it would probably cost too much.

"Alternative meat tenderizer"

According to the researcher, the significance of the proposal is that "old people with no teeth will no longer shout that they can't eat meat. Now, they can chew meat with their gums by the help of the papaya extracts..."


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