Monday, July 31, 2006

Blue; Pinoy Idol; Singing in a Chorus

A new life, a new look.
I was getting bored with the old one. Besides, the color reminds me too much of a certain girl with pigtails -- you know who you are.
At least this color is my color; that was the result of the True Colors test we had on Patient-Doctor I last month.The test says that we Blue colored people are the caring spirits, and we will be good service-oriented professionals, just like my parents. I do hope I would be like them someday.

I just watched Philippine Idol on ABC 5 and it was such a blast! The show was a bit too long, but then it did cover the Luzon auditions and it also introduced the judges so I guess the extended run was justified. Congratulations to ABC-5 for a well-produced, highly-entertaining show!

A couple of comments: I think the producers are portraying Mr. C as the "monster" judge, just like Simon in AI, but less mean and more strict. And they showed too much of FrancisM's past works and accomplishments; I guess they are making a point to his critics that he is a worthy judge (which I think he is!). The judges performed, or rather, did their job well and they seem to have good chemistry, although I think Mamita and Francism should step up more, because a lot of times, when Mr. C gives the word, the two of them just follows suit. But then, that is Mr. C. His word is gold.

Two Idol hopefuls caught my eye: one is Ira; a really pretty girl who looks, smiles, speaks, and sings a bit like Leah Salonga. The other one is the guy who taught the judges and Ryan Agoncillo the Hawaiian dance thingie which was quite fun to watch. I was hoping they would show the reported prank by Judy Ann Santos but then alas, maybe next week.

Hay... Back to school again.
This weekend, I felt like I went on a two month vacation.

I had no worries, I slept like a baby, and I felt like an angel in a chorus...
I am just thankful that I became a part of the grand chorale that sang in the Ignatian Mass a few hours ago. To sing again with a big choir, amidst my friends and amidst seasoned singers was like being reunited with a long lost love; I wish I could give more time to singing like two years ago but I have to become a good doctor.
Now where's my Biochemistry book?!?

Deo Militare. Deo Militare. Christi lucem illaturi; alios comitare

Ignacio, Javier, Fabro.

Companions of Christ, friends in the Lord. Pray for us. Guide us still.

Manoling Francisco, SJ

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