Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dengue Scare; Dance n'APO; Stand By Me Still; Padadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros; Saving Sally; 2 Weeks

Thank God it wasn't dengue... Well it was something else, something that is still a mystery, but my sister is ok, she's back to her own world of peers, boys and fashion, and she now has this hearty apetite due to the vitamins she has been taking.

Pero siguro kaya lang siya kumakain ng malakas eh dahil ang lakas ko ring kumain. :) Hehe.


Last thursday night, as I was walking towards my car, I would have looked really silly, smiling like I had a really naughty moment with my girlfriend, because I finally participated in something that made me feel like I finally belong to the UERM medicine class of 2010B.

Thursday was the night of the Lakandula and Lakambini event in which Arbs and Joana, an unlikely pair from our class of 75 would be doctors, joined and won against the pair from the other section.

Arbs was a one-man team, a riot to watch, brandishing his overly-confident self and flaunting his scantily clad body in a bahag. Joana was a goddess that night, clad in a brown dress, looking so much like a diwata, and keeping her poise while Arbs does his show. Kudos to my classmates who were hands-down, deserving winnners of the titles of Lakambini and Lakandula!

Following the Lakambini and Lakandula event was the annual Dance n'APO. I didn't have any idea on how big the event was but it seemed that the whole of UERM showed up that night to watch groups representing their respective colleges duke it out on the dancefloor.

The contest was a blast to watch. It seemed that most of the older batches has been preparing for the event for months, as I saw really intense performances, wild outfits, professional choreography and really pretty girls doing really sexy moves. Hehe. And these people are going to be health professionals in the future! How cool is that!?!

Our class fielded nine girls, calling themselves All Glam'd Up, and for a group who had no idea on the kind of competition they were entering, they were good enough to have me screaming my lungs out, rooting for them. One of my friends, Jack, also danced that night, and allow me to say this: "Poch, you have one hot girlfriend here!" I'm so proud of you Jack! Congratulations to my classmates for doing a great job! Can't wait for next year!


Friday night, I find myself with Canto Cinco, because one of our members, Willan, sang with the scholastics on the album launch of Himig Heswita's Stand By Me Still.

It was a night of celebration of God's healing music. I remember Tricia asking on our way home, why is it that coincidentally, most Jesuits turn out to be really good singers. I guess that is just the mystery of God's workings.

Incidentally, most of the songs in the album were the ones our group sing regularly, and well, this yearning for JMM to give us a chance to work on an album was again rekindled in me. But alas, even though our group has been gradually receiving good raps from the people inside JMM, I still have this nagging feeling that most of them do not think we can do an album just yet. And I would have to agree with them; as a group we still have ways to go and chinks to iron out, and bear in mind that I am talking about C5 just as a singing group, and not as a music ministry.


I just watched Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros tonight with Tricia and all I can say is that even though it did depict the way of life in the Filipino slums very accurately, and it presented themes of family and homosexuality in a freshly, different way, I think there is still something missing in this movie for it to get into the Oscar foreign film nominees.

And I can't pinpoint out what that is. But if this movie does get the cut, then to hell with what I just wrote. Go Maxi!


I am currently raving about this indie film called Saving Sally by director Avid Liongoren. It is a love story about a girl and his jock boyfriend, and a comics guy who love the girl, and little robots, tiny cars and rollercoaster. But what I love about this film is that it looks so good, as the film employs real actors shot on bluescreen blended with lovely illustrated backgrounds and crude but effective 2d and 3d animation.

If you want an idea on how this would eventually look like in the theaters, watch the music video Martyr Nyebera by Kamikazee, and you would have an idea on how the film would look like. Or go to the website and see the trailer.

This'll be one film that I pray would go to completion. I would be watching this for sure. Support the film and watch for it next year!


Three weeks from now the semester ends, but before that, there will be this last hurdle that I have to jump over which is the exams for the Musculo-skeletal module.

I am now way behind my classmates who's been reading their asses off for the past two weeks while I contemplate on the prospects of becoming a surgeon. I only have two weeks left to study for the exams... I hope watching Grey's Anatomy was worth it. I better stop procrastinating now, sayang ang pang-tuition.


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