Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dengue; Sweet Illusion; Stand By Me Still

Please pray for my sister. Last weekend, she's been having fevers and headaches. Papa went with her to the hospital to have her blood tested to confirm if its dengue, however, the blood test seems to be ok.

A few minutes ago, she showed me she's having rashes on her legs and abdomen, another telling sign of dengue. But she seems fine so I don't know, maybe she has measles or something.

Kung may sakit man talaga siya, sana hindi dengue...


I have a new phone! And I'm digging the panoramic shoot mode. :)

Do you see the fourth girl sitting from the left? Do you see the girl behind the laptop? It's the same girl. :)


Just want to plug this for our friends at the Jesuit Music Ministry!

Watch kayo!

It's for FREE. :)

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