Monday, July 16, 2007

An Ounce of Geekiness

Written and beautifully drawn by Memer "iq40" Damaso
To be released in Late 2007

Oh my golly geeky wow!

A teaser for Cat's Trail, one of the 5 regular stories in the now defunct Culture Crash Comics that jumpstarted the hopeful revival of the Philippine Comics Industry a couple of years ago.

Cat's Trail is about the exploits of the cute Airee Colette, the infamous thief of Memeria, a land of fantastical locales and creatures of your wildest imagination. Check out old issues Culture Crash Comics for a dose of giddiness and over the top characters like Sheriff Poppy, Butler the nosebleed mage (and love interest to Airee), Spot the powerful villain who's curse Airee lifted and so much more!

Shucks! I miss the old Culture Crash Comics. Hay... Memories. Sniff*

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