Monday, July 02, 2007


Just a quick one...

Let me emphasize this: I love the Transformers movie! From the story, the characters, the cinematography and all, I can't think of any scene nor any aspect of the movie that I didn't like! The experience was so good, I was so stoked that I couldn't contain my imagination while I was driving Tricia home and I kept thinking...

What if Filipinos made the Transpormers movie?

That very thought tickled my saturated neurons, so then and there, while driving along EDSA, I though about...
  • How the two factions fighting in the Transpormers movie would be the eLTObots and
    the Pistonicons.
  • How the leader of the eLTObots would be a MMDA truck (blue and pink!) named Ultimus BF, second in command would be a Garbage truck named Lionel, and the soldiers: a Chinese volunteer firetruck named Stephen, and the PNP police escort motorbike named S.P.O.Tot.
  • How the leader of the Pistoncons would be the Lovebus (blue and pink din!) named Bebe, second in command would be a Sarao jeepney named Sarimanok and the soldiers: an MRT coach named Bullet and a tricycle named Tsikot.
  • How a third party faction would be manipulating the war and all we know is that the faction's leader is an MGE Taxi named GMAx and he/she has a clone army made up of Pedicabs.
  • How a karitela with matching horse named Tikbalang serves as a watcher over all for thousands of years, never interfering in Transpormers affairs, until this present war broke out in the Philippines where he had pull some strings in the hopes of averting a world wide catastrophe...
There. I finally got that out of my mind. What a relief.

By the way, back when I was driving in EDSA, I just thought it would be funny to have mundane vehicles common here in the Philippines to transform into cool robots, so all I thought about then was which vehicles will transform. They had no names yet, and the story had no plot.

I have such a hyperactive imagination.

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