Saturday, April 05, 2008

On Dreaming about an Eraserheads Reunion

I was riding the Divisoria-Recto jeep on my way back to the condo when the radio burst out in song to the tune of the Eraserhead's Magasin.

As I listened to Ely's powerful voice and spot on lyrics, Buddy's thumping bassline, Marcus' smooth riffs and Raimund's booming drumbeats, the image of this one night in the Boys Main Dorm in Philippine Science High School came into my mind. It was one of those normally mundane nights, when the lights were off and all four of us roommates were about to sleep, listening to the radio. Suddenly, this very song floated in the air and like a sound of the classroom bell signifying the end of a really boring class, we all were roused from our half-asleep states, singing the lines, "Iba na ang 'yong ngiti! Iba na ang 'yong tingin! Nagbago nang lahat sa'yo!", shouting the lyrics at the top of our lungs.

Those were the days... Nakaka-miss! Hay...

As I walked out of the jeep and towards the condo, I just realized that right at this very moment, all four members of the group are back in Manila making music: Ely fronting Pupul, Raimund fronting Sandwich (among others), Buddy playing bass for the Dawn, and Marcus fronting Markus Highway (Surfernando?). This very thought instilled in me a great longing for a reunion... the ultimate reunion. The Eraserheads as one group, singing Magasin in front of legions of screaming fans.

After all, they were the ones who jumpstarted the local band scene and whose music fueled the dreams of every would be musician singing in their garages back in the 90's. Looking at the music scene today, their music and spirit lives on, with a tribute album, 2 anthologies of greatest hits, a book of essays about the band and their music, and local radios still giving precious airtime to their most popular songs. I am sure I am not the only one who realized that the red carpet is already unfurling, and the stage is being made ready for this fearsome foursome. But then again, even if we start this movement to get the E-heads playing again, even if we stage a rally in front of each member's homes, the fate of the group and the possibility of a reunion is still up to each of the legendary musicians. I just hope they realize that the ball is in their hands now, and we are all patiently and eagerly waiting for their return to the court.

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sara said...

hi kuya julz! hehe yeah, those were the days.. My earliest memory of the eraserheads was them on stage with a tiny me watching them sitting atop giant speakers. Although, I wouldn't hope for a reunion anytime soon. Maybe when the fab four are in their 70's and wheelchairs or something. Haha! Nevertheless, hope isn't lost.. All four members are still active in the music biz, with their own (or combined) acts, doing what they do best: making music. :)