Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I have been setting aside blogging for quite sometime now. For the past 2 years, much of my time was devoted to medical school and writing has been pushed to the side by really addicting but effective stress relievers such as comics and the Nintendo DS (and writing can be such a stress inducer especially if you don't have any particular thing to write about). I feel like I am having this love affair with writing, this on and off relationship that has been going on since I first blogged back in 2003. A love affair that I keep coming back to, maybe because I love comics and the medium so much. But then, all the love in the world for the combined visual and written medium of comics can't make up for the fact that I can't draw, so drawing on somebody else's mind with words, phrases and sentences will be the only way for me to tell stories... my stories.

To tell these stories is not something like my favorite childhood toy that I can pick up and play after a long time of disuse. It should be continually practiced, put into good use, and nourished with new words by reading. Yesterday, I was talking to Tricia* about my ultimate dream of having my own comic store and publishing house, and I realized , or rather as she reminded me for the nth time, that I have told her about that dream so many times already, more than I could count with one hand. But then, I know the only way for me to realize that dream is to finish school and get started on saving up and of course, to start writing, practice writing and read. Read lots of stuff, go out of my comfort zone of speculative fiction, try out new genres... Read.

I am going to enter an internship in a publishing house to create content for some local websites and I would be writing a lot in the coming days. A LOT. As in, the interviewer even warned me that, "baka mabulunan pa kayo sa pagsusulat." Sana naman hindi. Working for a publishing house should be a step closer for me in realizing my ultimate dream. A step closer but still a long way to go; it probably take decades to get there. After this summer, things would be put in a backburner as I study and eventually practice medicine but that does not mean I can't read and write. After all, doctors should be avid readers and we can be gifted writers too.

Tricia is still my girlfriend by the way, for those who I haven't talked to for a long time. And there's a lot of you there... sorry. I will be writing more.

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