Thursday, September 30, 2004

fiction: untitled


The sound of a shattering figure of a dog lifting a barbell startled Josh as he shook his fist as if to fan away the pain he deliberately caused.

"Oh fuck. Kelly will kill me"

Josh stared at the screen once more paying little attention to the pieces of ceramics on the floor. A few minutes ago, he was just chatting with Leslie, a girl he had known since high school. He planned to save the conversation as a text file as he always did whenever he happened to chat with her, but this time, the instant messaging software he was using suddenly had an error and Josh could only open his mouth in shock as the program closed the down the chat window abruptly.

Something stirred in Josh' mind as he was staring at his desktop wallpaper that he suddenly stood up and walked over hurriedly to the study desk directly across the room

"Paper, paper..." thought Josh as he searched through the organized chaos that is his study desk. He found what he was searching for: a copy of the programme for the recently concluded Engineering Graduation. "This will do.", Josh said to himself as he walked back to his computer. He then hastily grabbed a pen from the Pringles container turned pen holder, knocking over another one of her sister's prized Polgas figurines. This time though, Josh was fast enough to prevent the statuette from shattering to pieces.

With a sigh and a swipe of the back of his hand on his forehead, Josh focused his thoughts and put down his pen on the slightly crumpled programme.

(to be continued???)

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