Monday, September 06, 2004


er... i kind of robbed this from Nikki without permission. so if you're reading this, er, I borrowed it all right? Thanks. :D

Who am I? Depending on how you would answer, I might be able to tell who you are.
For example, if you call me:

Julius Zoilo Z. Oliveros - you would be Kika, K, Alva, Kass, Nica or some other person I know who has this penchant for remembering a person's whole name just for fun. Or you could be me.

Julius - you would be my Mom, Dad, Lola Turing, and all of my relatives on both sides. You would also be Ate Anne; she's the eldest among us cousins on my father's side. I wonder if they think my name sounded just perfect for me... they couldn't even give me a decent nick.

Juluis Zolio- you would be those people who can't seem to spell my name right. I'm sorry but I also can't remember who you are, i just know there are plenty of you out there.

Julias / Juleeus - you would be that immigration officer at the Los Angeles Airport. When i told him how I pronounce my name, he said, "oh so it's somewhere along the middle."

Mr. Oliveros - you would be my favorite professor, Doc Munoz. You also recently called me Mr. Olivares for some reason I really couldn't comprehend. You also mistook me for Mr. Balgoa and it took you a whole semester to tell us apart.

Kuya / Kuyah - you would be Ivan and Vanessa, my younger siblings. All of my younger cousins also call me this. Funny, I don't quite remember them calling me Kuya Julius, except on the gift tags I receive on occasions.

Zoilo / Zoya / Soya - you are definitely one of my elementary classmates, like Harold and Kay. You can also be Racle, Jenny or Lanie. And Jem DC! You could also be Nikki except that she was referring to another Zoilo in her role-play notes.

Julz - this is the nick I used ever since I left the province of Quezon and ventured in the scary world of Quezon City. I would have met you in Philippine Science High School and in UP-Diliman.

Jules - this is how most people I met in highschool and college spell my nick-name.

Joules/ Zoilot / Moliot/ Mols - ah... you are definitely one of my Barkada Table friends. I don't quite remember how my name transformed into those but believe me it had something to do with famous scientists. Definitely, only Pisay people can come up with this.

Werewoof/ Woofydogg / Woofy - my on-line identity; this name was formed with Fe's help. We were thinking of a nick for my entry in her phonebook and since it was well known among friends that I was hairy as a dog, I went for that. Except that instead of "werewolf", I would be "werewoof" since I am pa-cute and quite tame. "Woofy" evolved from that. "Woofydogg" was another evolution when I signed up for a Hotmail account: apparently, there were too many woofy's in the net, so I thought, "Hey! I should add 'Dogg' like 'Snoop Dogg!'". Lame-O.

Sergio Santibanez - you would be one of my guy classmates in II-Dahlia. And a lot of the
Back Lobby people of Pisay Batch 99, most probably Capuxx. Why this name? Because back then I looked like a hairy latino. Click here.

Taba - you would be my sister Vanessa. These days, I'm getting used to people calling me this.

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