Sunday, September 12, 2004

notes: special theory of relativity

according to Einstein's special theory of relativity, as an observer travels near the speed of light, time is slowed down and to him, everything would be stationary, like a time slice, a still picture viewed in 3d. if we were observing that speeding observer, we would probably not see him or he would be distorted to us since the length or dimensions of an object would be compressed as it accelerates to the speed of light.

this Create-a-new-post window has been open for at least thirty minutes now and so far i have written so few. it was like time flew by so fast...

what if someone witnessed how time flew as i was sitting here idly wasting away? that does mean that the witness is travelling really slow to the point that i seem to be travelling really fast and would that observer be able to see me when my body should be compressed?

that doesn't make sense right?

i wonder if there is a world where everything is so slow that if i look at our world from there, our world would seem so fast...


whenever i think about the upcoming licensure exams, the sense of urgency (or lack of it) drives me nuts. for the past two weeks, i haven't studied a thing and i don't know if i should be panicking or i should just shrug it off thinking there is still plenty of time.

is sixty days plenty of time? when is time plenty and when is it so few when tomorrow i might die while i am riding a bus to the review center? but what if i don't die tomorrow?

forget about that. the fact that i find time writing this instead of studying tells a lot about my current state of mind...

do i really want to go through with this licensure exam?

why do i ask that question when most people i know think of the licensure exam as a life-and-death situation, that this exam will dictate their future?

should i place myself in their situation so i could psyche myself up and study like a mad being hungry to join the working class?

but i'm not hungry. to tell you the truth, i'm not ready to get out there with them. maybe that is why i'm having all these shit running loose in my head.

enough of this. i need a hug.

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