Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How My Day Went; "Masanay ka na!"

I only have 35 minutes to write so I’ll make this quick…

Ang sarap talaga ng may car! Been driving around Lucena City the whole day… and here’s how the day went.

Woke up later that planned kasi puyat sa pagiging hingahan ng poot ng Hunnie ko. I was supposed to go jogging with my parents at around 6am but they did not wake me up; it turns out Papa was not feeling well. I was also supposed to go to the local SSS office to apply for an ID but then by the time Mama and I got there, the quota of 70 new applicants per day was already met. Silly me, I was already warned by Papa yesterday that the SSS line would be quite long. Oh well.

Next stop was PhilHealth. It didn’t take too long there, and now I am guaranteed (I hope) some discount if I get hospitalized. Funny thing, I almost committed a major blunder: I was already walking towards the Campo/Bayan jeepney parked by the highway when I realized I brought a car. Silly, silly me. Oh well, at least did not totally forget my car unlike this really cute lass who forgot her wallet when she left her house and realized she did so when she was later in line to pay for LOA fees. Poor thing… good thing there was this stranger who was a friend’s uncle who offered to pay for her.

Anyway, I went home afterwards and played my beloved PS2 for 2 hours, my daily allowance for indulging in console role-playing goodness. I then left for the Barangay Hall to get my clearance but my silly mom gave me directions to the wrong hall. So I had to drive back past our subdivision, and I had to take a wrong turn and ask around 4 people (who all gave different directions) to get to where I was going. The people at the Barangay Hall were friendly though, and the treasurer, Tito Manny, was an acquaintance of my parents whom they met in Couples for Christ.

I then went straight to my parents’ clinic afterwards; there were lots of patients and medreps waiting to get treated and attended to. One happy note: Tita Luz, my parents’ secretary, a nurse, and sister of the late husband of my mom’s sister, showed me a list of Papa’s patients and patient fees for the day and there must be more than 30 names there. Good day for my dad. :)

I waited for my mom to finish her work and hung out at Mug Café which was located across the street. It is a small place, furnished with a blue sofa, some aluminum tables and nice, soft, comfy chairs and it is well-lit by the afternoon sun; a good place to relax and hangout whether with friends or alone. I ordered a cup of Café Americano (which was quite bitter for my taste) and it took them forever to cook a Cheese Pizza which was nothing out of the ordinary but is quite enough to please my growling stomach.

After that, I walked towards the main avenue that runs through the city and went to Avenue Bookstore. I was in for a surprise when I looked through their textbooks and found three hardbound copies of Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook selling for only 3312.50 pesos (which was quite cheap according to my Hunnie). So for anyone I know who wants a copy, just text me.

I also went to a small pet shop across the street. It was a cramped, hot and foul-smelling shop, with cages of lovebirds stacked right beside poorly lit aquariums containing different fishes swimming in murky waters. Further inside, you’ll see stacks of poorly maintained cages containing two Japanese Spitz, a Dachshund and a Shitzu. The Spitz and Dachshund both sell for only 3500 which was quite cheap and if I had the money, I would’ve bought all of them just to take them away from that awful shop.

(Man, it’s 11:10 and I’m already 10 minutes past my planned sleeping time… oh well. On to my entry)

After that, I went to SM to buy a polo for tomorrow as well as some briefs and groceries (or rather, C2 and junkfood). Then back to my place to watch CSI while watching dinner.

What a day. To tell you the truth, even though I’m sad about being away from Canto Cinco and my Hunnie, and not getting a more permanent job in Manila, I think I’m going to like living and working here. Congrats nga pala sa Hunnie ko... She's going to be a teacher. :)


I overheard an amusing story my mom told a medrep while I was in the clinic. Actually, my mom told the medrep lots of stuff. She talked about the job offer here and my plans to go to medschool next year. She talked about how Vanessa is in Manila right now, studying. And she talked about Papa, and that part made me smile.

Sabi daw kasi ni Papa, “Ganito pala yung pakiramdam kapag iiwan ka na ng mga anak mo ano? ‘Yung magiging tayong dalawa na lang ang sa bahay…” And my mom was laughing… sabi niya, “Masanay ka na!”

I then realized that maybe that’s part of the reason why they insisted on me to take the contract job here. Baka nangungulila sila… hindi kasi sila sanay.

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