Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogging In A Bus; 50 First Dates Explained; How Rose Survived The Titanic

I'm now blogging inside the UERM promotional bus using free internet access provided by Smart BRO... Apparently they use this bus to promote UERM as a school for board exam topnotchers and they tour highschools and colleges to entice the students to enroll in UERM.

Cool! I want a bus like this. :)

I learned something interesting in Neuroanatomy today.

The part of the brain that is responsible for converting recent memory into long term memory is the hippocampus. A lesion in this area would impair the person's ability to remember recent events, but all his/her childhood memories are intact. This was the cause of the condition that Drew Barrymore's character suffered in the movie 50 First Dates.

Aliw di ba?

The other day, we were studying the general senses in Physiology and the doctor explained how Rose survived the Titanic tradegy when everybody else died. She gave us three reasons:

- That the wooden plank she was on decreased the amount of heat she would have lost due to conduction/convection
- That Rose was fat and an excess in subcutaneous fat decreases the amount of heat loss.
- That Rose might be in heat or ovulating because of the famed car scene that preceded the tragedy. :)

The doctor also said that the body compensates for cold weather by building up the fat. So during christmas season, FAT is IN. Hehe.

One of my pathetic attempts to justify my weight. Gah!

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