Sunday, August 13, 2006

Neurology; On Buying A New Phone

Currently, I'm battling myself right now because I am overwhelmed with our Neurology module and I am procrastinating as a reaction to the speed and amount of knowledge being presented during our lectures. Which is quite stupid.

But one thing for sure is that I am really interested in the subject and am considering it as one of potential specialties to take after med school... Naks!

Sana lang mag-aral na ako ano?

I finally gave in to the urge to ask my mom for money to buy a new phone. She has been egging me for two weeks now to buy a new one ever since my trusty Nokia 3660 crashed on me. Since that day, I have been using my mom's old Nokia 3310, which I actually found more reliable than the 3660. And two days ago, while I was trying to transfer files from the 3660 to my computer (which didn't turn out quite well since the memory card of my 3660 was busted beyond belief), I realized I should be getting a new one instead of trying to fix this shit.

So tomorrow (or later, rather), I'm switching brands! Bye bye Nokia, hello Sony Ericsson!

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