Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Week of Firsts

This past week, a lot of things happened for the first time since school started...

Last Monday morning, I was late for the first time since the start of classes. And it was in Pharmacology, where the Dean was the one lecturing. I promised myself not to be late in my classes this year and I hope I could keep that promise still.

Last Monday night, I was able to peel a pineapple all by myself for the first time in the 24 years of my existence. A small achievement but an achievement nonetheless.

Last Tuesday morning, I had my first encounter with a Psychiatric patient. She was presented in front of the class and was interviewed by the lecturer. She claims she is a Dyosa... And she is scary. I can't imagine myself interviewing a Psychiatric patient, it's such a chilling thought. I just hope that in the coming months, when the rotation for Psychiatry arrives, I'd overcome this little setback and actually conduct the interview without crapping in my pants.

Last Tuesday afternoon, we had our first Integrated Case Study (ICS), in which we discussed the case of a 30y/o female who had an infected wound with abscess formation on the right index finger. It was a good experience, even better because I have new groupmates to interact with, all having their own unique personalities that make them really fun to be with. This is promising to be a good year in terms of working as a team!

Having extra time after ICS, our group trooped over to the Otolaryngology Dept to practice our ENT (ears, nose, throat) skills, and what started as a practice session to brush up on our skills in using the otoscope and other instruments ended as a gross-out procedure of having impacted cerumen taken out from both my ears. It was a memorable experience, partly because my groupmates were there making sick remarks about how fossils and artifacts might be found in the earwax that has been pulled out from my head, and partly because it was such painful experience, I wouldn't want to go through that again. During the procedure, I kept thinking that the suction the doctor was using would pull out my eardrum and even my brains, but it didn't happen. Oh well, at least my ears are clean now, and I think I can hear better (or I just keep telling myself that).Just check out my friend's Multiply for first hand look at how the procedure went. Look in her videos. ;)

The rest of the week came and passed, piling up lots of stresses in my already beat up brain and body. Too much stuff to do, too much words to read, too little time for those and other things like blogging and comics. Right now, I just want to unwind, watch Transformers later and go to choir practice, and maybe, I could get myself motivated pick up a book and do what I am actually supposed to do. Wish me luck .

An Important Quote:
"Ang tenga ay hindi nililinis gamit ang cotton buds at metal spoon." - Dr. Oliver, UERMMC Otolaryngology Department

So how should we clean our ears? That would be another blogpost for some other more convenient and less stressful time, so visit this site again soon!

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Nutty Boy said...

cool, interviewing mentally impaired people... hmmm... hehe...