Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pangarap Kong Bidyogeym

Minsan nangarap din akong maging isang video game developer. Naisip ko, pagkatapos ko ng college, pagpunta ko ng USA, mag-aaral ako sa isa sa mga paaralan doon na ang specialty ay ang paggawa ng videogames.

Pero mabuti na rin at hindi ko ito sineryoso. Ngayon ay masaya naman akong nag-aaral na maging bihasang duktor. Sa sobrang hiyang ko sa pag-aaral, tuloy tumataba ako.

Oh well.

Napulot ko ang sumusunod sa Nautilus comics group. Sa mga nangangarap na maging videogame developer, pagkakataon mo na.

Matahari Studios (Philippines)

For over four decades LAI Games has been a leading player in the entertainment industry. Our company manufactures and sells a variety of arcade-based games, and we also operate the highly successful Timezone Family Entertainment Centers. Matahari Studios 3D art production team has also successfully worked with many Triple A game publishers for both PC and other game platforms on their major titles. With more than 500 locations throughout the region, we are poised for significant growth.

Matahari Studios is the software development group for Timezone arcades, and we must expand aggressively to meet our customer’s demand. We have build a studio in Manila, and we invite those with a talent and passion for game development to join our ranks.

Computer Artist (3D/Animation)
____________ _________ _________ _________ _


• Demonstrate skill with creation of assets via 3DMax, Maya, ZBrush or other similar package; includes character, object, and environmental art;
models as well as animation
• Demonstrate proper and appropriate techniques for normal mapped assets
• Create documentation required relating to artistic and technical issues as
• Provide a task list and schedule for planned and completed work; assist lead/managing artists with the team’s work plans and schedules as
• Assist in the sharing of ideas and exploration of new art practices to continually improve the quality of game development within the company
• Maintain a professional attitude during all stages of development; excel as a team member and strive to maximize personal, team, and company performance


• Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's/College Degree in Art & Design, Advertising/ Media or equivalent
• Required skill(s): 3D Studio Max, Photoshop
• Preferred skill(s): Maya, Zbrush, MS Office
• Required language(s): English
• Applicants must be willing to work in Ortigas Center
• Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status
• 2+ yrs of consistent work experience specializing in Arts/Creative/ Graphics Design or equivalent
• Must play games regularly, understand how they work, and enjoy making games for a living!

While we seek all levels of talent, to be considered for the more senior positions you must bring with you previous experience in the development of interactive entertainment, software development, or related discipline.
We highly encourage you to write us a cover letter that explains to us:

• Your perception of the responsibilities and duties of the position for which you are applying
• Your perception of the skills and qualifications that would make a good candidate; what would you need to know to do well
• What is your interest in a game development company; what games do you play
• If you do not possess any past game development experience, how have your previous positions prepared you to take on such a new role; what is it about your background that matches these requirements

email your resume at: michael.rivero@ mataharistudios. com


Disclaimer: I am not personally connected with the studios as I just picked up the ad in a newsgroup. However, I visited the website and it seems that they are legit, and they have connections with Timezone (yes, the arcades!). Check them out!

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