Sunday, June 24, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!”

Okay, so I wasn't tagged per se but I think it would be fun to tag others.


I don't like pineapples when cooked. I only eat them when I have no choice, like when Mama serves Pininyahang Manok as ulam and there's no other viand. I just realized this last night when Tricia said she'd cook me the said viand one of these weekends. I do love pineapples because back when my Lola was alive, she'd have fresh pineapples in the fridge that is free for us cousins to eat. I guess it just feels weird to eat them cooked; it's just not for my taste.


Sometimes when I get off the shower and I am alone in the house, I walk around naked. You should try it, it's liberating.


I get easily starstruck. I get conscious of what I am doing and I get easily distracted whenever there is a celebrity around, even if its just Bentong or some B-list star. I look at them, I sometimes stare, I take second and third glances, I wait for the opportune moment to come close to them and introduce myself but I never do so. I have never asked for a celebrity's picture, ever. But if ever I meet Heart Evangelista or Angel Locsin... Hmm...


I have this compulsive behavior of checking and double-checking if I locked the doors of my car and our condo. I know this might not be weird enough but try to imagine me, going down the car, locking the door, going around the car to check the doors, walking away and turning back to check the locks again. Weird 'di ba?


I sing anywhere, everywhere. Back when I was in UP Diliman, I would walk from the Math building to the AS building and sometimes when I am walking alone, I sing at the top of my voice and people stare at me with weird but amused smiles on their faces. I still get jitters though when I sing on official singing engagements. It's funny how I am so afraid to sing when I am asked to and yet I can throw away my dignity while walking down a street.


I get nauseous when nervous and my hands tremble when I am onstage or in front of the class. I will try to gag and vomit minutes before going on stage, but nothing comes out. It's just a conditioned reflex, I guess. Last friday, when I was in front of the class during Pharmacology, I was holding out this Manila paper and discussing something and I noticed I couldn't stop my hands from trembling. I quickly finished my discussion before anyone noticed! I hope I can control that trembling though, it bothers and distracts me a lot.

And now that I am done, I tag Tricia, Kitchie, Marvin, Rey, Vanessa and Fr. Jboy! Write down your weirdness now!

EDIT: The obsessive compulsive in me just went through the whole blogpost, corrected some grammar, added some pics and smiled because of your comments. I now tag everyone who reads this!

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