Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rants & Raves 01

  • I've been on SmartBRO for a week now and I must say I have mixed feelings about it due to the intermittent signal my unit has been getting.
  • Why is it so hard in second year Medicine?
  • I feel bad that I passed on the opportunity to take the blood pressure of that woman beside our patient's bed who was already crying her heart out for her dying son... I guess I got scared that I'd mess it up or something.
  • I'm hungry but I don't want to cook right now. Hmm...


  • God bless 24/7 internet though, I've been hoarding a lot of files lately.
  • We've just finished interviewing Male Bed No.3. It was a fun learning experience talking to him, eventhough his story has a lot of holes in it. I can't wait for my turn to conduct the Neurologic Exam on my own two weeks from now.
  • I love Lengua de Gato.

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